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Web application are now a critical part of all our business. Employees, customers and partners prefers to do business online, and except to be able to access a variety of information and transactions through web sites and web services.Today companies converting legacy mainframe and database systems into dynamic web applications using technologies such as PHP, Ajax, Javascript, Java, ASP, Asp.net, Cold Fusion, Perl etc. As a result, web application holds a tresure trove of data behind their front ends: Credit card numbers, medical recorders, confidential company financial results, and this list goes on.

Today Securing a website is vital job, as a breach in security can lead to valuable data being destroyed or altered; confidential data being leaked; loss of customer confidence (leading to lost business); and inability to use computing resourses.

Testing Services Available
  • » External / Black Box Penetration Testing
    Test Internet-facing systems and controls.
  • » Web Application Security Testing
    Focused testing of applications for security weaknesses or flaws.
  • » Application "Pre-Flight" Testing
    Testing of Application prior to implementation.
  • » Secure Code Review
    Analysis of application source code for security or reliability issues.
  • » Security Controls Testing and Validation
    Test and validate the effectiveness of security controls such as web application firewalls, intrusion prevention, etc.
Web application Testing Methodology .
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